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27 April 2013. An important visitor at the relocation project Fuzullistreet. President Aliyev takes a look at the completion of the relocation.

27 April 2013. Just reached the finish! Fuzullistreet 39
(18.000 t) is successfully relocated.

23 April 2013. The jacking operation at Fuzullistreet 39, Baku was successful. Bresser has jacked the building by using 195 jacks under the building. Now you can start actually moving of the building (18,000 tons) over a distance of 10.6 m. The transfer process is controlled and monitored by using a jacking machine. Vibration meters on the building accurately monitor all movements.

January 22, 2013. Ambassador Dutch Embassy Azerbaijan visits construction site Fuzullistreet Baku.

Bresser Eurasia

For more than 30 years Bresser offers complete innovative solutions for relocating, jacking and restructuring of foundations. From our corporate headquarters in The Netherlands, we are operating in several countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Our priority is to monitor the quality of our processes to minimize risk, while adapting to changing conditions and challenges. Bresser invests in innovative technologies, modern equipment and professional training of our specialists to ensure we deliver the best quality and safety!